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3000series 3000 collection diesel motor coupling EPT box set

Declared velocity:one thousand~1500r/min
Declared EPTT:800~1200kw
The merchandise is broadly employed in EPTT engineering equipments for petroleum EPTTry drilling and dredging projects.

category Parameters of dieles engine EPTT engine model Coupling
Established sort Input EPTT of coupling
Ge (g/kw.h) N
le209 1200 735 G12V190PZL-one YOZJ750-20FDfA G12V190PZL-1/O 695 ge96%
1300 810 G12V190PZL-three YOZJ750-20FDfA G12V190PZL-three/O 770
1500 900 G12V190PZL YOZJ750-20FDfA G12V190PZL/O 860

category Parameters of dieles motor EPTT engine product Coupling
Set type Enter EPTT of coupling
Ge (g/kw.h) N
le205 1500 1200 A12V190PZL YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A12V190PZL/O 1140 ge96%
1300 1100 A12V190PZL-3 YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A12V190PZL-3/O 1040
1200 1000 A12V190PZL-1 YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A12V190PZL-one/O 940
le205 1500 900 A8V190PZL YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A8V190PZL/O 840
1300 760 A8V190PZL-3 YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A8V190PZL-3/O seven hundred
1200 700 A8V190PZL-1 YOZJ750-20ZHLshB
A8V190PZL-one/O 640

YOTZJ700/750 series speed-adjustable EPT coupling EPT EPTT
1.Input velocity:a thousand~1500r/min
two.EPTT range:600~1200kw
YOTZJ700/750 collection velocity-adjustable EPT coupling EPT EPTT
Merchandise utilization:macth with 190 serise diesel engines and electric powered motors created by us,This serise items can be employed in one pumping established of mEPTTpump,aslo are ideal for traditional unit of mechanical drilling rig.
Attributes:the solution characteristics the blend of mounted tubes and inlet altering to recognize the adjustment of velocity,with rewards of on-load startup,overload protection,torsional vibration isolation,effect mitigation,stepless pace regulation ,quick and no-affect clutch ,ect.The solution is the greatest pace-adjustedable EPTT devuce for quotreplace oil by electric power quotreformation of the primary EPT system of mEPTTpump and drilling fig.
EPTnical information of YOTZJ700/750 collection speed-adjustable EPT coupling EPT box:
Input pace:one thousand~1500r/min
EPTT range:600~1200kw
Rated performance: ge96%
Speed adjustable variety:1~1/three

Fuel EPTT Engine Generator EPT Component
Utilized gensets:
one. JDEC ChEPTTng motor gas or diesel
two. one hundred ninety collection: 4190,6190,8190,12v190,16v190
3. a hundred% authentic
We make gas and diesel generator and supply spare parts on diese and gas motor.

Piston and link rod assembly:

Ref. No.
Portion Quantity

one 12VB.05.09B Compression ring (prime)
two Z12VB.05.eleven Compression ring
3 Z12VB.05.20 JCEP expanEPTToil ring
4 Z12VB.05.01C Piston
five Z12VB.05.08A Piston pin

six Z12VB.05.fourteen Keep, piston pin
seven Z12VB.05.10.07 Dowel pin
8 Z12VB.05.ten.02 EPTion rod cap
nine Z12VB.05.10.03 EPTion rod bolt
10 Z12VB.05.10.05 EPTion rod bearing, decrease
11 Z12VB.05.ten.04 EPTion rod bearing, higher
12 Z12VB.05.10.06 Washer
thirteen Z12VB.05.ten.09 EPTion rod nut
fourteen Z12VB.05.10.01 EPTion rod
15 Z12VB.05.ten.08 Small conclude bushing
1.CylinEPTThead assembly
Ref. No. Element Number Description 12VB.03.00B-Qty
1 GB894 Retainer 30/thirty two
2 12VB.03.ten.03 Rocker arm,exhaust / one
3 12VB.03.10.06 Plug/ five
4 12VB.05.50.01 Bulb head,rocker arm / 2
5 12VB.03.ten.02 Bushing, rocker arm / two
6 12VB.03.ten.04 Shaft, rocker arm / one
seven 12VB.03.50.06 Plug/ one
eight 12VB.03.09B Stud,rocker arm/ one
nine GB93 Washer 14 / 14 3
ten Q/JC11013 Nut M14*one.five/14*one.five three
11 12VB.03.04 StEPTT/ two
twelve 12VB.03.10.05A Seat, rocker arm/ 1
thirteen 12VB.03.ten.01 Rocker arm,inlet/ one
fourteen 12VB.03.forty five Nut/ two
fifteen 12VB.03.44 Flange/ 1
16 12VB.03.47 StEPTT/ two
17 12VB.03.forty four Sleeve/ one
eighteen 12VB.03.eighty.07 Seal ring / 2
19 12VB.03.eighty.06 Sleeve,injector/ one
twenty 12VB.03.53B JCEP / four
21 12VB.03.51 Gasket / 1
22 12VB.03.80.01A CylinEPTThead / one
23 12VB.03.eighty.ten Plug subassembly two
24 12VB.03.80.08 Zinc block/ 2
25 12VB.03.eighty.twenty Plug subassembly two
26 Q/JC14009 Cooper washer30/thirty 1
27 12VB.03.eighty.eleven Plug 1
28 12VB.03.eighty.05 Seat,inlet valve / 2
29 12VB.03.37A Inlet valve / two
30 12VB.03.80.04 Seat, exhaust valve/ 2
31 12VB.03.22 Exhaust valve / 2
32 12VB.03.29 Plug / 1
33 12VB.03.80.09 Zinc block / 2
34 GB898 StEPTTM ten*thirty/M10*thirty 6
35 GB848 Washer 10/10 eight
36 GB93 Washer ten/10 eight
37 GB6170 Nut M10/ M10 6
38 12VB.03.eighty.02 EPT XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis./ 4
39 12VB.03.19 JCEP seat,lower/ 4
40 12VB.03.17A EPT EPT, interior / four
41 12VB.03.17A EPT EPT, OUTER / four
forty two 12VB.03.15 JCEP seat, higher/ four
forty three 12VB.03.16A SpEPTT collet / four
44 GB848 Washer fourteen/14 4
forty five GB893 Interior retainer twenty five / 25 4
46 12VB.03.70.01 Fork cift / 2
47 12VB.03.70.03 Dowel pin / two
forty eight 12VB.03.eighty.03 Plug / 1
49 12VB.03.70.04 Wire retainer / two
fifty 12VB.03.70.02 XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis. rod/ 2
51 12VB.03.30B Bulb head, rocker bridge / 2
fifty two 12VB.03.90B Altering screw subassembly/ 2
fifty three 12VB.03.03B Rocker bridge / two
fifty four 12VB.03.60B Adjusting screw subassembly/ 2
fifty five GB6173 Nut M14*one/M14*one four
56 GB5782 Bolt M8*30/M8*30 4
fifty seven GB848 Washer 8/8 four
58 12VB.03.02 Higher include,cylinEPTThead / 1
59 12VB.03.11 Seal ring I/I 1
sixty GB5782 Bolt M10*100/I 4
61 12VB.03.14E Reduced go over,cylinEPTThead / 1
sixty two 12VB.03.12A Seal ring II/II 1

How to choose the rigEPTT product?
1. Fuel variety: fuel or diesel
two. EPTT in Kilowatt
3. Engine variety
4. EPT components photograph, purpose, fat, product number, Eg.: 3032451 Ring Oil.

Our Services :
All spares parts on our gensets equipped by us. one hundred% unique.

 sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Variable-Speed Hydraulic Coupling manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler