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  in Homs Syrian Arab Republic  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large Size 2236 Automatic Type 4 Color Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

our items are selling well in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces. Having amassed treasured expertise in cooperating with overseas consumers, Furthermore, all our generation procedures are in compliance with ISO9002 standards.

EPT units Picked in accordance to users’ demands
EPT Paperboard A.B.C.E three/five/7 layer corrugated board
EPTT Pace 120 sheets/min
EPTTnomy pace 80-100 sheets/min
Max. Paper Dimension 2200 times3700 mm
Max. EPT Size 2200 times3600mm
Max. die cutting dimensions 2200 times3600mm
Min. Paper Sizes 600*900mm
Max.slot depth 565mm
EPT precision plusmn1mm
EPT-plate adjustment
left and rigEPTT position
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPT Plate Thickness 4-9mm
Cardboard thickness two-12mm
Max. sEPTT corner Width 50mm
Max. stack height 1600mm
EPT Roller
(Additionally EPT Plate Thickness)
  1. The whole EPTT undertake PLC controlling method
  2. EPTT EPTT body and EPTTant element are becoming ageing therapy, tempering get rid of the tension of metallic all of them come from higher precision processing cEPTTr, CNC grinding machining procedure. All the rollers are substantial quality steel, substantial precision Laptop dynamic balXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) correction of tough chromium plating, floor grinding.
  3. The EPTT EPT undertake 40 CrMnTi large high quality alloy metal which is grinded and following the warmth treatment method ,it can up to six precision, Its surface area with rockwell hardness EPTC58-62, make color much more accuracy.
  4. Models individual is EPT controlled and pneumatic locking, pneumatic whole lock, to guarantee the security of the device, and proceed ring for warning when EPTT be separated, to ensure the basic safety of running individual.
  5. Each unit of EPTT with emergency stop swap, so the EPTT can be stopped in between the device, it can ensure the workers secure (remark: every device transferring is drag by feeEPTTunit)
  6. All the EPTT electrical components application keyless connecting ring, reducing the hole produced by the traditional link, maintain the EPTT-expression precision of printing chromatic.
  7. The EPTT lubrication system makes use of a spray automatic lubrication, and with the system impermeable to oil spills establishments.

Feeding device

1) The management panel is managed by two system, one is controlled by buttons and other is controlled by touch EPT
two) Manufacturing potential can be set by infrared photoelectric counter in EPT, which will show the generation quantity.
3) The length amongst left and rigEPTT baffle is managed by EPT, demonstrate by ruler. The JCEP baffle gap is altered by manually ,powering baffle gasoline by EPT.
4) Paper feeding and ink feeding operate jointly in order, it will decrease the squander paper quantity.
5) Feeding by four rollers EPTT adsorbing with 15KW wind motor, which make certain the paper go effortlessly.
six) The dust removing device is offered.
seven)Major motor is frequency changing manage, which assures the EPTT beginning/operating in smooth condition. JCEP conserving 30%.
8)Whole lock purpose for EPTT EPTT ,it can steer clear of EPTT injury by mis-procedure.
9)Feeding roller undertake double rollers structure, higher roller is wrapped with elastic rubber, which does not broke the energy of corrugated board, far more EPTTer service existence.
ten) Upper roller diameter of driving feeding system is #1092150 mm, higher roller diameter of JCEP feeding device is #1092190 mm, thick-walled seamless metal pipe, wrapped in plastic use stage, that is to sustain fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bility and make sure that the floor wear and lessen the squash into the board.
twelve)lower roller diameter of JCEP and guiding feeding device is #1092190 mm, quenched and tempered seamless metal grinding the surface area of difficult chromium plated embossed and treatment method.
13) The EPTT employs two roller EPT Oldham Coupling, reducing use and tear to make the EPT more stable.
14) the use of electrical sub-EPTT in shape, with a constant alarm warning lights the move to make sure the protection of functions.
fifteen) shaft with electromagnetic friction clutch, to prevent malfunction or overload defense of the motor will not melt away.
sixteen) feeder, printing office, the Department of slicing electric computerized zero.
seventeen) EPT interlocking gadget.
EPT device

one, the printing roller
one) The diameter of printing roller is #1092708 mm (incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. plate thickness will be #1092720mm)
two) EPT roller is manufactured in higher top quality thick-walled seamless metal roll, surface conditioning, grinding, tough chromium plating. balance correction, clean operation.
3) hanging tube aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s, side lock, so hanging on the bit exact, practical and quickly.
4) complete-groove peg board for hanging bar 10mm.
5) dealing with print, the foot swap is hassle-free and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble electric control reversing.
two, the embossing roller
one) embossing roller diameter #1092190mm.
2) thick-walled seamless steel pipe, area grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) balance correction, sleek operation.
4) Gas adjustment between rollers undertake self-locking EPT box management,display in dial ranged from to 12mm
3, ink roller
1) roller diameter #1092240 mm (line number two hundred Line -280 traces).
two) thick-walled seamless metal floor right after grinding the surface area of ground, pressed textured, challenging chrome plating.
3) the identical community, even on the ink, printing plates and rubber roller to lengthen support lifestyle.
four) pneumatic feeding technique with automatic lifting gadget (network printing and print publicity roll down, end printing, anilox roller and plate separation elevated).
five) The roller hole composition manually adjust the assortment of -12mm.
4 ink distributing rollers
one) diameter #1092215 mm.
2) EPT quality seamless steel pipe wrapped durable, corrosion resistant, dress in-resistant rubber.
3) EPTT higher rubber roller grinding, diameter two.two-two.5 mm, transfer ink effect.
four) rubber roller gap adjustment lock construction by hand, change the range of -12mm.
5, Section adjustment
1) The planetary EPT structure.
2) printing period EPTTly controlled by laptop and electric powered adjustment of 360 deg (operate, stop can be adjusted.) the accuracy is .15mm.
3) print roller bits employed to change the frequency handle. Zero and the modified edition of quick, substantial precision tune model.
4) the use of electric mechanical horizontal adjustment stage, the handle of plusmn 5 mm.
five) The EPTT automobile-zero in every group, the precision is .5mm, and then instantly adjusts the period, attempt a single, and then EPTTr the quantity of fine-tuning, drastically lowering the squander of cardboard
six, ink loop structure
1) pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink security, procedure and routine maintenance simple.
two) The ink filter, filter impurities.
seven, the printing section fixtures
one) EPT clutch brake sort brake system, when the device modifying the section separation, the brake system limitations EPTs to hold the original tooth position of fastened factors.
8,course of rollers adjusted by EPT ,ranged plusmn 10 mm.

slotting device

one)Solitary shaft double knives slotter,seven. inch touchEPT on the slotter, the box length and box width are motorized,box heigEPTT is managed by PLC and can be stored in the laptop, conserving the changing time in EPT.
two)The higher knife,reduce knife, pre-creaser and creaser are synchronously moved. The precision liner slideway can guarantee the fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble and steady of relocating.
three)The up creaser wheel is coated by rubber anvil to shield the corrugated board from hurt.
four)FleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble corner reducing knife can minimize three,5 and seven layer corrugated board without adjustment.EPT to function.
five)The chopping knife is produced of high top quality alloy steel, knife thickness 7mm.
six)Hand hole punching device is optional.
seven)higher slotting knife diamater is 240 mm,reduce slotting knife diameter is a hundred ninety mm,equally of them is adopted dynamic stability complex.
eight)creasing roller diameter is a hundred and ten mm with dynamic balance specialized.
Die chopping unit

the die cutter roller (the roller)
1) die cutter roller diameter #1092672.4mm (excXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. die cutter)
2) Metal materials, area grinding, hard chromium plating.
three) balance correction, boost the functioning steadiness.
four) die cutter screw hole spacing fifty mm times52.78 mm.
five) for die cutter heigEPTT twenty five.4mm.
2, pad roller (higher roller)
one) diameter phi643.95mm
two) Steel EPT surface grinding, chrome plating
three) equilibrium correction, improve the running balance
four) to manually change the gap with the chopping die.
5) The pad thickness eleven.4 mm (diameter of phi666.seventy five mm)
six) The mechanical lateral 40 mm, swimming gadget
3, Phase adjustment
1) The planetary EPT-sort structure, with the printing office.
2) chopping to bits by PLC, contact EPT handle and electrical adjustment of EPTT 360 deg (run, quit can be altered.)

  • three) use PLC ,EPT manage the lateral displacement , can adjust rigEPTT and left 10mm.
  • four) EPTT with the rubber roller amend device , can amend the roller, then the die cutter portion can be utilized as new, it can amend eight million to ten million moments, then it can conserve the EPT considerably.
  • five) knives die roller is occur from casting metal, grinding surface area.
  • Knives die heigEPTT twenty five.4mm
  • EPTen knives die sixteen-eighteen mm(3 layers)
  • seventeen-fifteen.three(five layers)
  • 6) rubber pad roller is from seamless steel pipe, grinding the experience and tough chromium plating. It can be a lot more steady when operating, mechanical adjust 40mm move unit. It can proEPTT the utilizing existence.
  • 7) die knives adjustment adopt self -lock device.
  • 8) rubber pad roller with Pace distinction payment unit, can
  • make certain soon after grinding the roller ,the speed is very same pace with
  • knives die roller, to make the measurement is exact same with just before

upper and lower rollers will different when it quit working,it can decrease the put on of rubber roller.

one) The paper can then manually modify immediately.
two) splicing speed and feed speed is synchronization, then the paper speed can be adjusted independently
3) The stack heigEPTT of 1600 mm
four) mattress models lifting toughness EPT EPT.
5) The splicing platform equipped with anti-fall gadget to make sure operator basic safety.
six) just take motion paper hanging strain plates stacked in cardboard to a specific peak, then elevate up out of cardboard board routinely.
7) airplane wrinkle belt, to avert the cardboard down.
8) EPTd a individual paper to change the belt rigidity arm, without the belt length limit.

  in Homs Syrian Arab Republic  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Large Size 2236 Automatic Type 4 Color Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler