Gravity Custom Casting Aluminium Bsp Thread Guillemin Coupling with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Gravity CZPT Aluminium BSP Thread Guillemin CZPT

Product Name: Gravity CZPT Aluminium BSP Thread Guillemin CZPT

Standard: EN 14420-8/NF E29-572

Casting Method: Gravity CZPT or CZPT CZPT

Size: From DN40 (1-1/2″) to DN100(4″)

Material: Alumiunium A356-T6 (Heat Treated), Staintless Steel 316, Brass and PP


Thread: BSP

Surface Treatment: Polishing or Sand-Blast

Working Pressure: 16bar/230psi

Test Pressure: 30bar/435psi

Minimum Blast Pressure: 50bar/725psi

Size Type Part Number
1-1/2″ DN40x40 AL 6804040
DN40x40L AL 6804040L
DN40x45 AL 6804045
DN40x45L AL 6804045L
2″ DN50x50 AL 6805050
DN50x50L AL 6805050L
DN50x55 AL 6805055
2-1/2″ DN65x65 AL 6806565
DN65x70 AL 6806570
3″ DN80x76 AL 6808076
DN80x76L AL 6808076L
DN80x80 AL 6808080
DN80x90 AL 6808090
DN80x90L AL 6808090L
4″ DN100x100 AL 685715710
DN100x100L AL 685715710L
DN100x105 AL 685715715
DN100x110 AL 685710110
6″ DN150X150 AL 680150150