Germany supplier Type Forged Joint Pin Coupler with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Germany type forged CZPT pin coupler

coating Packing standard
Plain bags ASTM
Zinc plating kegs GB
Hot dip galvanized pallets BS
dacroment cartons DIN
Black   GOST
sherardizing   JIS

Trade Mark: CZPT
Trade Mark: CZPT
Manufacturing: Hot Forging
Material: steel, stainless steel etc.
Size: according to drawing
Heat treatment: to be decided as mechanical property request
Machining: optional
Surface treatment: plain, sand blasting, HDG, zinc plating, Dacromet, Black, Paint, Powder coating

Our main products are container accessories, railway accessories, construction forgings, hardware tools and CZPT fittings.

Goliker has more than 10 engineers and technical staff. There are over 50 skilled forging workers and managers. Production facilities are fully equipped. We have 300 tons of electric screw presses, 400 tons of electric screw presses, 630 tons of electric screw presses, 1,000 tons of electric screw presses, and otherforging equipment and electric treatment furnaces. CZPT main equipment are a horizontal lathe, CNC lathes, machining device, drilling machines, grinders, cleaning machines, stamping machines etc., to provide CZPT ers from forging to final processing services. CZPT can produce and process CZPT forms of forging blanks, finished products and semi-finished products, the annual output over10,000 tons. CZPT ly relations have been established with a number of large enterprises at home and abroad.