Column near me Pin Coupling Damping Pad / PU Damping Pad with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

material: PU, and EPDM is CZPT
Standard: GB5272-85
Application: Can compensate the relative deviation, damping, buffering, small radial dimension, simple structure, no need of lubrication, the bearing capacity is high, easy to maintain, but change the elastic element in two shaft coupling needs to move along the axial direction. Is suitable for connecting two coaxial, frequent starting, reversing the changes, low speed, small CZPT transmission, high reliability requirements of shafting parts, not suitable for heavy load and axial size restrictions, parts of the two axis of difficulties in the replacement of the elastic component.

Torque: 22.4 – 2500NM
Wear: < 0.05cm3 / 1.61km
Product hardness: 95A + 5
Standard: GB5272-85
Specifications:GR19- GR75

material:According to the selection of different materials in different conditions, such as fan, water pump, light industry, textile and other stable work, little change in load, can be used  polyurethane

custom-made is welcome
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