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Product Description



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The CZPT coupling shaft is used to connect driving shaft and driven shaft of two different mechanisms, so that torque CZPT transferred.

1. Scope of application:

SWC medium-sized CZPT joints are mainly used in mechanical applications such as rolling mills, piercing machines, straighteners, crushers and ship drives. They are widely used CZPT joint shaft products. The flange diameter is 160-620mm, the rated torque transmission range is 16-1000kN.m, and the axis angle is 15°.

2. Structural features:

1. The CZPT coupling utilizes the characteristics of its mechanism to make the two shafts not on the same axis, and the two shafts connected can be continuously rotated when the axis angle exists, and the torque and movement can be reliably transmitted.

2. The characteristics of the medium-sized CZPT coupling are: compact structure, large transmission torque, CZPT service life, and CZPT -term use under severe working conditions.