75ohm factory 14dB Directional Coupler40-2050MHz for CATV Broadband and Wireless Communications Ecj1401-A032122 Supplier Factory China. with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

           Established in 2571, HangZhou CZPT ever  CZPT ctronics is a over 10years experience and CZPT ful enterprise factory based in south of CZPT , which is good at making CZPT ic Passive  components.
         The company is now mainly engaged in the CZPT ization of RF CZPT n transformer, Inductors, coils, couplers, splitters, Divider,Lan transformer ,chokes and beads.They are extensive use for Mini-Circuits ,Macom.Minirf,Coilcraft’s items.We have own factory Research team and test machine,Customized design and solution Inquire  is welcome !

        EXtensive use Area:
           1:Broadband Gateways
           2:Medical Devices
           3:Home Applicances
           4:Mobile Hotspts
           5:USB HUBS
           6:HTTP Transmitters 
           8:Power equipments
           9: Printers 
           10Smart Meters
           11:MEDIA Set-Top Boxes
           12:Cable modens
            13:CATV Amplifiers
            14:Radio equipment,Walkie-talkie,Intercom
            15:Audio amplifiers,Spekers
            16:Router,Wireless equipment,Push-Pull amplifiers,